I’m a graduate!!!


I did it! From Fall 2007 to Spring 2013, from a Biological Science major to Finance to Accounting and to Management…I finallllllyyy graduated! Definitely proud of myself that I didn’t quit; I pushed past the hardships of being a full time student, part time worker, moving several times, and working out personal problems. I’m finally closing this chapter of my life and starting a new one. I’m still in awe of myself and now it’s time to figure out what to do next – what dream I want to chase after. For everyone else that graduated this semester, congrats graduate!! Here’s to our future!! Now let’s make all of our hard work count!

“It’s your life, live it the way you imagined”



One comment on “I’m a graduate!!!

  1. fxbass says:

    congrats 😉

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