Rhino at Pause4Paws!


Rhino’s first day at Pause4Paws.
This is such an amazing picture:
One, because Rhino’s not so great around any other dogs!! Two, they’re all so cute! Look at the bulldog’s bow tie tag😆

My bf and I decided to give this place a shot, referred by his classmate, to see if this is the place for Rhino while we vacay in Vegas in the upcoming month. Our usual sitter is coming with us to Vegas, so boarding was a must! Rhino is staying overnight so the “Alpha” can have a feel of how he is the whole day. So far, the progress is great! This picture was taken after their afternoon walk with Gina.

Gina, the leader in Pause4Paws, is on her way to getting an awesome review from us! Local dog whisperer?! Now the bf and I can rely on someone to watch over Rhino in case we wanna get outta town..WIN!!

Rhino is in the far left, my beautiful blue nose 😘


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