Valentine’s Day!


It’s a day to celebrate the love that you have for yourself and others in your life.


I know there may be some people that dislike or hate this day because they seem alone or without a significant other, but it’s not true…God is always with you and his love is MORE than enough. 


This year didn’t start off with a bang, it was maybe one of my lowest of lows…first time I experienced true depression. I won’t go into details, but during this time…I accepted God’s love and comfort as a crutch to get me through the days. 


“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 (NVT)


I intended this post to be cheerful and happy because my love life has turned from that point…but I decided to take a different route. Every year on this day, I remind people that they are never alone and they are always loved.  Those who do not believe in God still have faith in something, so please take this into heart – put on a smile and open yourself to the love that fills each and every day, not just today.  


I’ve lost a lot this year and I’m still trying to mend every broken piece. At this point, I’ve done what I can on my end…now it’s up to those I’ve hurt to find it within themselves to forgive me and maybe give me another chance.  Hate is never healthy, but it’s something everyone goes through, which is understandable, but it’s something we shouldn’t dwell on.  It can bring out the ugliest part of us and it’s something that can ruin a person mentally.  I still have that hate, but some days I forget and as days pass…it heals. I pray for those that hate as well and wish them a healthy recovery as time passes.


If you are spending these days solo…

            A friend once told me that his best days were when he was alone; he found himself and got comfortable for who he was as a person. Maybe this is what you’re doing now and I applaud you for that. Only you can make yourself who you are and how you feel. Make these days count.


On a side note, I feel blessed to be in a re-newed relationship with my bf and to have loved ones – family and friends – in my life. I love you because you don’t judge me and accept who I am, thank you ❤




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