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Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed! Today, on this day of love, Justin Timberlake released his Tom Ford-filled, David Fincher-directed video for “Suit & Tie,” the lead single off his March 19 album The 20/20 Experience. The black-and-white clip shows JT and his co-conspirator Jay-Z in a number of different sexy, well-suited scenarios: eating cereal together in a swanky abode, taking to the motown-era stage to perform, and, as expected, partaking in some of Timberlake’s signature choreography, which this time incorporates suit pocket squares in a very creative way. The video even includes footage of the two artists “in the studio” as they work on the track. Watch the clip above, and tell us what you think!

Plus, see this year’s Grammys fashion, including Justin!

[wrn_button url=”http://www.instyle.com/instyle/package/grammys/photos/0,,20670087_20672473,00.html” text=”grammys fashion” title=”grammys fashion”]

JT Collaborates with Tom Ford
Justin’s Grammys Style
“Suit & Tie” Breaks Records

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