Wrapping Up

No pun intended 😛

The semester is finally OVER! Took my last final yesterday and I am FINALLY FREE!! Now it’s time to buckle down into business and get the ball rolling on new events and products for SUHREAL. There will definitely be a lot going on, but not until 2013…SUHREAL is closing up shop for the year starting this Saturday (Dec. 22) so Friday will be the last day to come in and get your last minute gifts.


Take advantage folks! We’re running low on most of our products, so get it while it’s still here!

On another note – Here’s the crazy recap of the past weekend O_o

Friday: SHRL held its very first Secret Santa with private invites and minimal participants.  You can say it was a test run…those that found out were bummed to not be a part of it this year – my bad! Definitely will open it up next year, folks! But everything turned out dope, everyone got what they wanted (thanks to elfster.com!!), had bomb food for the potluck, and wayyy too many drinks.

After the Secret Santa, SUHREAL also threw a celebration for one of our own’s (Derrick) graduation and Rome (our warehouse mates) threw a surprise birthday party for Mel/Melchon/Tattoo Artist @ Humble Beginnings. The outcome was ground breaking! The surprise left Melchon speechless! Seriously one of the best parties at SUH-Rome so far.  There were so many people and drinks that we eventually ran out of cups, HA! Thanks to everyone that didn’t mind sharing cups and bringing the drinks.  It was a great experience as the event coordinator, seriously proud of how the celebration went..especially with two different groups – the outcome was uncertain at first, but it ended in a bang.

ImageImageImageImageSaturday: OMG, definitely was a recovery day for everyone that attended..enough said..period

Sunday: Derrick’s graduation day! and Melchon’s actual birthday! The graduation was bittersweet.  I got to know Derrick’s classmates pretty well..some even considered me as part of the group (Awwwwww!!)..and it was sad to say farewell – for now. This whole experience helped me prepare for my own graduation (coming up May 2013 – PARTAYYYYY!!) The graduation started from 1-5 – it included ceremonies of different groups/batches that attend the same school and the actual graduation included two groups/batches.  I took sooo many pictures and videos (finally used my camera!!!), but I don’t have them on this computer :/ so I’ll post them later…hopefully 😛

After the graduation, we had time to relax (I took a much needed nap) before dinner at Yama Fuji in Newark. If you’re starving and want sushi for a flat rate, then go to Yama Fuji. I highly recommend this place, a few of the graduates actually went there for dinner…yeah it’s that awesome. But anyways…the SUHREAL team GRUBBBBBBED.

ImageImageI took the picture kinda late >.< but we each had trays of sushi, sashimi, fried oysters, oysters, crab legs, and whatever looked interesting – it was a team effort, lol.


Okay, I’m super tired of blogging. Just taking a break from production at the warehouse with a few other SuhRealests. *sigh. One more day at work and we’re off to LA for the holidays!! ❤







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