Hectic Week

After vowing to write in my blog more often..I disappear for a week >_<.

Last week was a major pain! School was extremely overwhelming..thanks to my nasty habit of procrastinating!!

Two midterms and a 5 page research paper – which I had no idea on what to write about…

The final product came out to be passing grades (without flying colors, but still passing!) on my midterms and a completed paper.  Through my experience of half-assing most everything, I’ve received at least a B…imagine actually giving my full effort! Ha.  And through those experiences, my nasty habit stuck.

At this point in my life, I’m reaching for mediocracy.  I don’t want to overwhelm myself and stress on having fantastic grades nor stress about any failing grades.  If I do good enough then I’m satisfied and if I happen to do fantastic then damn, that’d be even better.  School is very important, but it’s not everything.  School teaches you the basics and it’s up to us to learn from experience.  I enjoy school, but I love working at SUHREAL and at my part time job; it provides education outside the classroom. Working is where I want to be and I can’t wait to  graduate next semester!

It’s finally time to start counting down until this semester ends, but it’s also crunch time to do well on our finals. How bittersweet…


After completing my second round of midterms and paper, I was welcomed into a celebration.  SUHREAL had its first Thanksgiving feast – potluck style – at the warehouse.  Besides the feast, we also celebrated a SuhRealest’s birthday, Andrew, who is also one of our male models. The turnout was, yet again, amazing! Close friends brought all kinds of food and even our Cannery Park neighbors stopped by.  Tons of food, drinks, games, and good company!  The event began from 7pm and didn’t end until 2:30am x__X.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay till the end…I left the warehouse around 11:30pm to get in line for Breaking Dawn Part 2 midnight premier! *Nerd alert* I was super excited and wanted to skip all the way to the theaters (figuratively speaking).  My good friend and book buddy, Vy, was my only companion (with her sister as well) during this little shindig.  We are completely in love with Edward (*GO TEAM EDWARD*) and Twilight fanatics (this is one of the big things we have in common..”BOOK CLUB UNITE!” lol)

I believe it was the best movie out of all of them, but with a few downfalls.  I won’t be rude and include any spoilers, but the end almost killed me! I was a bit mad, relieved, and sad when it finally came to an end…another bittersweet moment.  Such a feeling brought me back to when Harry Potter finally ending *sigh. *Nerd moment ends*



This week is going to be a bit interesting with the whole Thanksgiving day and Black Friday happenings.  It’s that time of the year when people take more time to be with their families and loved ones…I’m not too sure on how this is going to be for me, but we’ll see…*not trying to get into that at the moment*

But for sure SUHREAL will be throwing a Black Friday thing at the warehouse from 12am-3am on Black Friday morning.  We are providing drinks, coffee, and a late night bbq. SUHREAL will also be having a sale – up to 75%! It’s the best time to get your Christmas shopping done so come through  before and/or after your shopping adventures ❤


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