Eventful Saturday


Today was an eventful day, hence the title 😉

Earlier today, another suhrealest (Mel) and I went to Costco to buy a load of stuff for tomorrow’s Veterans Day BBQ at Suhreal from 12-8pm. We will be watching Sunday Football with those that come through the shop while grubbin on some BBQ. Besides the food and entertainment, we’ll be holding a Veterans Day sale in honor of our Veterans. If you can’t make it, you can take advantage of the sale online as well. suhreal.com

Once we spent a good hour, we loaded up and I drove it back to the warehouse to keep it fresh until tomorrow’s prep.
Hopefully we bought enough..first come first serve, folks!

I also helped the bf get his oil change and drove my car back to the warehouse while his car stayed overnight. Why overnight? Because we had tickets to the Warriors game! By that time it was already 4pm and we needed to meet the other suhrealests at the warehouse for the game.

Tonight’s game (Warriors vs Nuggets) was a close call with two OTs and in the end…Warriors just couldn’t pull through, losing 107-101. At the two minute mark, the whole crowd stood up in anticipation; some people held their breaths while others yelled their lungs out! It was another great experience watching a live basketball game even if they lost; the vibe of the crowd is more intense and you feel so involved, it’s electrifying! There are already a few games that we’re planning on watching live and I can’t wait for it to come around; they’ll be at Oracle, but the bf and I will be cheering for the Lakers 😉

Three things? That’s it, Jenn? Dammit, I’m getting older, folks! Just kidding :), but running errands, the ride to and from Oracle, as well as watching a game with two OTs really sucks up your energy. I would say I had at least two hours of the day to just relax (I’m also studying for my second rounds of midterms..smh). And now..it’s time to sleep! See you tomorrow, fellow suhrealests!! (Sorry for the abrupt end, sooooooo tired) ❤



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