Updates and Overview


SUHREAL’s website has re-launched with a new look. Check out the dope’ness of this brand and support whenever you can. Positive messages and vibe for everyone to enjoy. 

Suhreal Storefront is in full effect, folks! Come and see what our blood, sweat, and tears accomplished – if you haven’t already! Become a regular by hanging out, playing games, and overall chatting it up with the Suhrealests; our showroom is always open for such get-togethers/events. Don’t be scured! We definitely will make you feel welcome on our turf 🙂

  • Upcoming events will be posted on our website (in case you are scared..hehe), so stay updated and come on through!


The 90 day cleanse is a breeze! I happened to not even go on blog sites (only cause I barely did before HA).  After my latest blog, the BF made another exception – we can go on IG and FB if it pertains to business. As some of you may know..I am the Project Manager and Event Coordinator for Suhreal…so in that sense…the social media is a must for me to stay in the know of upcoming events and contacting other ECs or PMs in order to do my job successfully. Even when I go into IG or FB I maintain my composure and just do what I need to do and shut it off when I’m done. In other words, SUCK IT! Haha, just kidding..but YES! Total victory on my part.

BTW – I was hoping to blog more during the cleanse, but being away from social media means I have barely any use of the internet therefore I find it pointless to go on any site at all unless it’s for work. Hmm..I can definitely push myself to blog more since there are a ton of stuff going on for the next few months. So…yes, I shall blog more..yupp…that is the plan…hmm. 




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