Fall 2012

It’s been a long while since I’ve come across wordpress. 

Fall semester has started and even though it’s only been the first week, it’s already a drag.

I’m not used to being out in the day and the hot weather is shocking.  

Classes are interesting but nerve wrecking; I’ve noticed how involved and aware I am about the world around me..which isn’t much.  As a business major, this has got to improve!

Reading is a MUST for all of my classes, which is something I’m surely not used to..this semester is going to bring on some changes..which I know will improve my way of life..especially for the “real” world.


Suhreal News:

The storefront is coming along and with the help of some random people coming in and out of the warehouse, we’ve managed to speed up the process. The opening date is in September, but the actual day will be a surprise ;).

The girl’s SHRLest line has released and many are jumping on it! We only have a few left in stock, so come get your tanks/shirts ASAP! 

Along with the girl’s line, we also came out with SHRLest beanies in gray, cardinal, and navy – which are also going out fast. 

Did I mention one of SUHREAL’s official female models? Please let me introduce, Gaby! She’s got the look and attitude we adore at SUHREAL.Gaby will be featured in every female drop and we’ll hopefully find another female model to join us by our next big drop. Image

Hopefully, I’ll post other SUHREAL up and comings in the near future and what’s up in my life..but until then…PEACE OUT HOMIE SKILLETS ❤


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