SHRL Weekend Re-Cap

13th FRI: Cap Release

SUHREAL held a BBQ cap release + $15 tee sale last Friday and it was a success! We met so many people: new and old followers, strangers walking by, and of course our neighbors.  The food was delicious and the company was good.  We intended it to start at 12-7pm, but it ended up staying open until about 8:30pm with late comers looking for a good time.  From the sales, vibe, and hype..we are definitely going to do this again in the near future!

14th SAT: Closed Party at the Warehouse

After several SUHREALests attended the COLOR RUN, we held a closed birthday party for a fellow warehouse mate, ALLEN, and fellow SUHREALest, Clyde, that night.  There was a great turn out of people showing love for the birthday boys.  It included several boxes of Little Caesar Pizzas, 2 gallons of Jameson, 2 gallons of Skyy Vodka, cookies, beer, beer pong, and 2 champagnes being popped.  The night didn’t end until 2:30am (including the clean up). YEE!

15th SUN: Garage Sale & Meeting

After coming home at 3am and going to sleep by 3:30am, I was bombarded with the news that my family wanted to do a garage sale at 7am. UGH! The set up and putting signs took about an hour, which felt like forever with lack of sleep.  The urge to fall asleep right after was tempting, but the potential buyers came earlier as hoped for. My family has held several garage sales, in fact – at our old neighborhood, we were known to have garage sales every other week! And every time we hold one, we are introduced to a diverse range of people looking through our things. Last week, we helped a homeless man find a self-help book and a bible; this week, we met a drag queen in disguise with some nice tops and sparkly bright red Dora shoes.  The drag queen’s story was interesting because he looked like a handy man with his denim button up and working shoes, but when he unbuttoned his shirt, he had a fitted pink butterfly printed tank top.  He has a wife and two kids at home who has no idea that he loves to dress drag during the weekends.  Times like these make me enjoy having garage sales.

After closing up the garage sale and a few hours napping, we met up with the West Coast SUHREAL team to discuss the warehouse, issues, and upcoming events while the “PRESIDENT” was in town. The meeting was productive with little distractions and ended on a good note.  The meeting set up the upcoming week with a lot of work, follow ups, and new additions.  I will be updated more about it as it gets crossed of the list 🙂

Until then…stay tuned for sales and events!

Wide Awake&Still Dreaming.


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